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Property ref VA16 549,000 euros

A large swiss style 6 bedroomed villa with an additional guest house. Located within a 5 min walk of the center of Dalyan.

Property ref VA29 £185,400

A 3 bed 246m2 detached house on a large plot of land. Located within a 10 minute walk of Dalyan town center

Property ref VA52 350,000 euros

A large 7 bedroom villa with extensive timber decoration inside and out. Plenty of bedrooms for friends and family. Or maybe a guest house!

Property ref VA53 £130,000

A new built villa with 3 bedrooms, private pool and garden. Located just 15 minutes from the town center.

Property Ref VA54 £150,000

Different, Unique, unusual, individual. Take a look at these 3 bed villas and decide for yourself. Located just 10 minutes from the center of town.

Property Ref VA75 285,000 Euros

A stunning 2 bed Bungalow style property Located in Ortaca. A large property with a 4,500 m2 garden. Very well constructed and maintained

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Property Ref VA150 380,000Turkish Lira (app £160,000 depending on exchange rate)

A Modern 3 bedroom villa with a distinctly Turkish Style. Located in a very popular yet peaceful and uncrowded area of Dalyan.


Property Ref VA152 £135,000

A well appointed 3/4 bedroom house with home office, good size garden, and swimming pool located in a popular yet quiet area just 10 minutes from the centre of town.

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