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Utopia Construction.

Do you want your own home built, to your own taste and style, in your own choice of location but without the hassle and stress of building in a foreign country with rules, regulations and language totally alien to you. Then let Utopia build for you. We specialize in bespoke properties for people who require quality and ‘something special’

Why Choose Utopia?
Utopia was the first British Turkish Estate Agency in Dalyan and is now under new ownership while still remaining a British Turkish partnership. 

Utopias new owners bring a unique mix of skills and talents not only on the Estate Agency side but one of our English partners has over 12 years experience of construction and property           development in England and is transferring his knowledge to the construction of houses in Dalyan where, Utopia will build your property, as close as possible, to European standards and quality.

We have invested a great deal of time in evaluating both materials and craftsmen to ensure quality and consistency in construction and finish.

We only use the best materials for specific constructions.
We build to ensure your home will be structurally secure, comfortable and weatherproof, using modern materials suited to the Dalyan environment.

Our Turkish partner is a qualified estate agent and translator and has the most comprehensive knowledge of the rules, regulations and permissions related to construction, purchasing and ownership of properties for foreigners as well as an experienced project manager.

What is special about Utopia construction

Utopia build properties with quality and endurance in mind. We use only the best and strongest materials available for the relevant parts of your house construction.

We go way beyond the standard requirements of construction, Thicker and stronger foundations, thicker  walls, additional  reinforcement, damp proofing, Kiln dried timber (imported from Russia), Timber preservative treatment (did you know that the wood eating    insects in Dalyan can decimate a roof within 3 to 5 years if you are unlucky) Roof Insulation, waterproofed render and a special exterior coating that provides additional insulation, waterproofing and needs no further maintenance for at least 10 years! All of these things are standard for our   premium building service.

Please call in to our office to examine samples of the building materials used by Utopia.

There are no new build guarantees (such as the British NHBC warranty) in Turkey, you have to rely on the integrity of the builder should any problems arise.  Utopia properties are built in a     manner that no problems should arise but in the most unlikely event that anything should require attention, don’t worry all of our building work is   guaranteed against faults.

Most properties in Dalyan are built to withstand the summer weather, that’s fine, but remember your house will be here in the winter as well, even if you are not.

The winter is a true test of how well your property has been built, when the rain is almost monsoon like and the wind is blowing a gale, you can be assured that a Utopia built house will withstand the rigours of a Dalyan winter.
Utopia build only in brick and concrete construction. No timber, steel framed or prefab from us just solidly built traditional construction, using the latest materials.

What do Utopia do for you?

We offer a complete build package from initial architects designs through applying for permits, maintaining the required legal construction  documents, obtaining all relevant licenses,     communication with the local authorities and    departments.
We will give you weekly progress reports including photographs via email so that you know exactly how your build is progressing.  A full   garden landscaping service is available, tailoring both your needs and wishes in tune with the environmental issues concerned with maintaining a garden in Dalyan.
Should you want a swimming pool then not only do we build it for you we will even fill it in preparation for use.  All you have to do is tell us what you want and how you want it we will do the rest. Upon completion the only thing you have to do to the property is turn the key in the lock and open the door to your new home…

How much does it cost?
The cost is of course variable, dependant on what type of accessories and finishes you require.
Price is also dependant on the type and size of pool if required and garden landscaping is of course a variable.
Please email us, phone or skype us, or call in to our office and speak to Alan or Huseyin we will be pleased to give you further  information on pricing and standard fittings.

We may not be the cheapest in Dalyan, based on price alone but if you compare our build quality and superior construction materials and methods, we think you will find our construction service is very much based on quality and value.
When Utopia quote for a new build project, the price we quote is the price you pay.  The only costs not fixed in the quote are Architects fees,  licenses, any taxes you may have to pay on the property and your living license.  Prices for living licenses are variable and dependant on property location, size and valuation.  We would be pleased to discuss these costs with you.
You do tend to get what you pay for (and sometimes a lot less, we are sure you have heard some horror stories, we certainly have) and at Utopia we think we offer a professional service with unrivalled quality at a competitive price.  You can build in confidence with Utopia.

' Innovation not Imitation '

© Utopia 2006 all rights reserved

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